The GreaterLOVE Story

Jesus gave you everything...
He gave HIS LIFE for you so you can live forever
He gave up HIS Royalty for you so you become Kings and Princes
He gave up on HIS riches just so you can be richer than rich
He gave up HIS flesh to be broken just so you will never see sickness and weakness ever again
He gave up HIS Majesty and Honor to be kill naked just so you have no shame, no guilt, no condemnation
But have Honor Radiance Righteousness and Holiness

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.[John 15:13]
Jesus did it for you because He ranks you as friend.
Love as He has recommended [in John 15:12-13]
God bless you.
For the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ [GreaterLOVE]


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