What Do I Do With Jesus?

By God’s grace and love through Christ Jesus we’re saved and now live higher lives and are marked for the eternal kingdom of heaven.
Before salvation came our way some of us were students, teachers, doctors, market women, business men and women, lawyers and politicians among others (These were and are the course of our lives)
Then salvation came our way and some of us were called by grace to become pastors, teachers, apostles, evangelist and prophets in the will of God in the power of the Holy Spirit to sustain, edify, grow and lead His church.

You see, we’re all not called to be pastors, evangelists, teachers etc. In truth, not all of us can be church leaders. That notwithstanding, Jesus Christ commands us in Mark 16:15 to testify, to preach, to proclaim, to open up our mouths and tell of the Good News of God's love towards us in Jesus Christ to the world.

It doesn't matter whether you are a pastor or not, whether you're an evangelist or not, an apostle or not, you are qualified and expected to preach the good news of Jesus Christ when you give your life to Christ, immediately you become a believer, a child of God [You can always learn how to share Jesus by speaking to your church pastor about it].

You do not have an excuse for not to sharing God’s word and love. You couldn’t stand before God to tell him “because I’m an accountant (or whatever), I had no time to tell of love and word” [loose talk before God and it would spark trouble for you].

If you’re a teacher, find the opportunity to tell your students about The Great Teacher who is Jesus Christ and in us, the Holy Spirit.
If you are a lawyer, tell your clients about The Everlasting Advocate, Jesus Christ, The True Witness, The Holy Spirit and The Great Judge who is our Loving Heavenly Father.
If you are a trader or a business woman tell your customers about The Great Provider, Jesus Christ.
If you are dressmaker tell your customers about the first dress maker, our Lord God Almighty.
If you are an accountant, let it be known to your colleagues that, in the last day we shall render accounts to the Lord of all the Universe.
If you are rich or blessed with enough to spare, show the poor the love of God through cheerful giving.
Whoever you are, whatever you do, seize an opportunity to evangelize the love and word of God.

Now know this, your salvation into heaven would not be complete if you do not share the Jesus you have received. If you manage to die without following or shabbily following this divine instruction of evangelism, you are going to be in serious trouble on the last day.

God bless you for reading and may he continue to increase you as you practice God's love through evangelism.

God's love and peace to you.

For the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ [GreaterLOVE]


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