I, Your LORD Was Treated Like A Sick Dog

On the 6th of February 2017 at about 17:32 GMT, the Spirit of the Lord stirred inside of me and I heard the Lord Jesus speak to me, saying...

“Why do many people especially Christians suffer for what has already been given freely. Why do many people especially Christians go through unnecessary pain and shame for what they already have”.

He continued “I came and lived poor so that you will live rich. I was disregarded so that you will be respected and honored”.
In pain, He cried “I took the blame!, I took the shame!, I took the disgrace!. I went to the cross!. I was beaten and flogged beyond description with canes and torture wipes. They beat me with clubs as they lead me to be killed!”.

Now in tears, He sobbed “I, your LORD was treated like a sick dog with sores all over”. He continued “They nailed my feet and hands to that lone rugged cross and to my utter disgrace and shame left me naked and bare for all to see”.

In a soothing tone he added “So that in Me, you would have all the Life, all the Glory, all the Majesty and all the Riches I have in the Almighty Father”.

“Why would you not live for Me Jesus, Your Savior but choose to suffer the worse version of what I suffered in hell, forever!?".
“I paid dearly for you with My Own Life, please don’t try to pay for your sins again, if you do, will pay for it forever in damnation”.

“Give your life to Me Jesus and that debt will be cancelled. Live for Me Jesus and Live forever in my Father’s Glory and Riches in Heaven".

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