Demand Your Blessing

The Holy Bible tags God as all powerful and our provider.
God has a lot of blessings in store for us especially in this year and it's very important that we come to the realization that children of God have the power to demand these blessings from God.
This is because He has already said he will bless us.
Demanding your blessing is just showing God that you are worthy enough for it [because of Christ Jesus].
In Ephesians 3:20 the bible says "...for unto him who can do far more exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think according to the POWER THAT IS AT WORK IN US". (That's the power we're talking about) 
Now we've got to understand that the power we have is key in the spiritual realm and is granted by the Holy Spirit seeActs 1:8.
Faith, Pray and Righteousness are necessary for the abundant blessings of God in our lives.
In see1 Corinthians 12:9 the Holy Bible talks about the gift of faith granted by the Holy Spirit enabling us to activate our blessing.
seeRomans 8:26 reveals to us how the Holy Spirit prays on our behalf which enables us to activate our blessing.
seeJohn 16:8 makes known to us that the Holy Spirit is the only right judge in determining what is right and wrong.
Demand your blessing from God this year with active faith, active prayer and active righteous living. Amen.
For the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ[GreaterLOVE/Gustavo]


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