Ladies! Keep Your Man, Save Your Marriage

Sex is an important element in marriage and until there is sexual intercourse between a husband and his wife, the marriage is not yet physically and spiritually recognized [only legally, even to an extent]. This shows how important sex is in marriage.

When you look at how aggressive men are towards sex, you may be tempted to think that's what men need from women. Of course, if he hasn't married you yet or does not intend to marry you, what he will need from you is nothing above your body.
But if he intends to marry you or if you are already married, sex is not always what he needs from you.
- lets put it this way; "WHAT A MAN NEEDS MOST FROM A WOMAN IS NOT SEX."
Many young ladies have the notion that, because they are sexually active and experienced, they will easily be married and have their husbands loving them. Sometimes, when a man approaches for marriage, some ladies perceive that the greatest asset they have to show the man is sex. Others think that, once they are giving out their bodies, they are giving out the best thing, and for this reason they will be chosen above all. - such thoughts are dangerous and should be avoided.

There was this young lady who was very beautiful and sexually active. Due to that, she thought sex is all that matters to a man. Surprisingly, she struggled for long before finally getting married. (Her sexual dexterity could not win the heart of any man until out of the blue and reason beyond imagination, a very handsome [good] man married her) The wedding was grand and her tears were gone.
Unfortunately, a year after her wedding, the marriage fell on rocks. Within five years, three different men came her way but none could stay.
The problem was simple. She thought sex was all that matters so she would never submit.

Submission is what men need, but not necessarily sex. It high time young ladies came to the realization that, when a man is ready to marry, he will not look out for a woman who would just satisfy his sexual urges but a woman who will submit herself to him.
Excuse my language, "every woman has a vagina but not every woman is humble."
A woman with the spirit of humility is an expensive jewelry. (Proverbs 31:10-31)
Any man of integrity will fear to lose such a lady.
The Holy Bible say, "Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord." [Ephesians 5:22]
The reason is that a man's true love goes out only for a woman who is submissive. Your beauty cannot make another woman ugly but your humility can let him love you above all other women.

Sadly, young ladies these days call submission "Control." And you will hear them saying in tiny romantic voices, "As for me I don't want any man to control me oh."
Well, if you do not want to submit do not think of marriage because no man in his right sense will offer his love to a woman whose heart is higher than his height, no matter how short he may be [-lol, it's true though]
When a woman bends the knee before her man, the man will naturally/automatically bow his heart before her and love her sincerely.[Ephesians 5:24-25]

There are, of course, recalcitrant men who will not value women of humility but I tell you that every true good man does not necessarily need sex, but submission[it's a need not a want].

It is submission that truly makes you a romantic wife.

So be the QUEEN you want to be but when it comes to dealing with your husband, play the role of a humble maid.
Do not forget that it is the spirit of humility that has caused many housemaids to hijack their mistresses' husbands.

Be your man's queen and also be his maid.

I wish you the best as you submit in your relationship and marriage. 

May God bless you with a good marriage.

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For the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, this article/post has been edited with biblical references and guides.[GreaterLOVE/Author Unknown]


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