Looking and Finding

I read something today from a friend and it provoked something the Lord thought me sometime back.

(1) God is better SOUGHT after than LOOKED for. 
When you LOOK for,  you SEE but when you SEARCH/SEEK,  you FIND.

(2) The focus of looking is more likely on appearance. The element of SEARCHING is for DEPTHS.

(3) Looking can never instigate discovery. At best looking stirs admiration. Searching is what propels discovery (finding).

God is not meant to be admired. He is to be discovered. We find God. Matthew 7:7-8 says, "...seek, and ye shall find..." He that seeketh, findeth; In other words, he that "looketh, seeth".

What I mean is that, there is a consequent result for every input.

You can never LOOK to FIND. Its not Scriptural. This is what is scriptural seeMatthew 7:7-8Hence, the end of SEEKING is FINDING. Thus, the basis for DISCOVERY and platform for a solid RELATIONSHIP with God.

Let's go beyond looking to finding God. He will be more real to us.


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