The Opportunity to be Great

Many young people choose to do their own thing. They tell themselves, "l'll come to Christ when I get ready. I'll have some fun first." They're tangled up in a net of popularity or partying or peer pressure. Others get into nets of wrong relationships  and miss their moment of destiny.
The "chance and time" time is already preordained. It's ready for each and every person. But if you're tied up in a net of sin and bondage and bitterness, it will keep you back.
Ask God to do something about it. Ask Him to do as He did for Andrew,  who was involved with his fishing nets when Jesus walked up to him and said two words: "Follow Me" seeMatthew 4: 18-20 Andrew had never seen Him before. Jesus didn't wait for an answer.  He didn't give him much time to think. He just said, "Follow Me". And Andrew dropped his nets and followed Him. What would have happened if he had been tangled up in his nets?
Andrew did not miss his collision with destiny. When his destiny came knocking, he didn't keep his hands in his nets. He grabbed hold of his future and become one of Jesus' disciples. The whole kingdom of God was wrapped up in that moment.

For the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, this article/post has been edited with biblical references and guides.[GreaterLOVE/Author Unknown]


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